Greetings and welcome to the website for the Western States Sheriffs’ Association. Please take this opportunity to browse the website and feel free to contact us with any concerns or questions.

The WSSA is dedicated in working together to keep the Office of Sheriff strong.   WSSA is made up of sheriffs in 16 states, who are elected officials and chief law enforcement officers.

One of the primary responsibilities of government, whether it is Federal, State or local, is to provide public safety.   Sheriffs take an oath of office to defend and support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of their respective State. The people have elected Sheriffs since the founding of our nation. No other law enforcement entity in the United States answers directly to the people whom they serve.   Elected Sheriffs not only provide for public safety, but also protect the Constitutional freedoms and liberties of the people.

Over the course of this next year as President of WSSA, I will continue to work on Federal and State legislative issues, address policy and procedural matters. I will focus on matters that the law enforcement community is currently facing involving access to public lands, along with immigration and border security issues. I will concentrate on issues surrounding the standards of our jails, mental health obligations for the inmate population and immigration detainment within our jails. Increasing our membership will also continue to be a priority to allow the opportunity for citizens across the western states to join this organization as honorary members.

I also encourage you to research your local county and find out who serves as your Sheriff. If you are interested in becoming an honorary member of WSSA please contact use directly for more information. We encourage everyone to join.


Sheriff Scott Mascher

Yavapai County Sheriff, Prescott, AZ
President, WSSA