2016-01-09 07-02-20The Western States Sheriffs’ Association is comprised of Sheriffs and their command staff from 16 Western States that include Washington, Wyoming, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, California, Arizona, Nevada, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota South Dakota, Colorado, Montana, Texas and Oklahoma.

The Association was formed in 1993 in an effort to allow Sheriffs to assist each other in fulfilling their duties and obligations related to law enforcement in their respective counties.

The mission of the Western States Sheriffs’ Association is to assist Sheriffs and their Offices with Federal and State legislative issues, address policy and procedural matters, develop guidelines to promote uniformity in matters that are important to Sheriffs of the Western United States and to work together to keep the office of the Sheriff strong.

The Sheriffs in the Western United States are faced with many issues that you do not find in the east. The wide open spaces and abundant public land require Sheriffs to work on developing and maintaining relationships with Federal and State agencies in order to provide effective law enforcement services in our respective counties. The Western Sheriffs’ maintain responsibility for the traditional law enforcement needs of the county including search and rescue, tribal issues, jails and many other traditional Sheriff responsibilities.