Welcome to the website for the Western States Sheriffs’ Association. The WSSA was formed over 22 years ago by Sheriffs’ who felt the need for greater representation and collaboration among America’s western sheriffs. Since its creation, WSSA has grown to include 15 member states and over 300 member Sheriffs. Our focus as an organization continues to center around issues common to Western Sheriffs as well as our interaction with federal agencies and Federal and State land and resource managers.

It is my hope, over the course of this next year as President, to increase our active membership numbers and to develop the opportunity for citizens across the 15 member States to join this organization as honorary members. Increasing our membership is important and critical to our ability as an organization to continue to lend a strong and united voice in matters of mutual concern.

The Office of Sheriff is deeply rooted in the history of this nation. There is no higher law enforcement authority in any county in the United States than the elected Sheriff. With that authority comes great obligation and responsibility to the citizens we serve. Our commitment to our Oath of Office is of utmost importance and our understanding of who we serve and who we are accountable to reminds each of us of what an honor and privilege it is to serve as an elected Sheriff.

I hope you will take an opportunity to browse the website and should you find you have questions, please feel free to contact us. I encourage you to research your local county government page. Find out who your Sheriff is and see if they are a member of WSSA. If they are not, encourage them to join.


Sheriff Danny Glick 
Laramie County, Wyoming
President, WSSA